The following maps and data were prepared for Working Group meetings:



School Types and Districts [PDF]

Closed Schools [PDF]

University of Arizona and Pima Community College Facilties [PDP]

Community and School Gardens [PDF]

Farmer's Markets and Grocery Stores [PDF]

Pedestrian Connections to Farmer's Markets and Supermarkets [PDF]

Supermarket Walkability [PDF]

Open Recreation [PDF]

Public Health Resources [PDF]



100-Year Floodplain [PDF]

Conservation Land System of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan [PDF]

Habitat Identification [PDF]

Impervious Surfaces [PDF]

Trails-Parks-River Parks and Protected Open Space [PDF]

Tree Cover [PDF]

Washes and Riparian Areas [PDF]



Historic Districts, Historic and Neighborhood Preservation Zones, Properties Eligible to Historic Designation, Construction Years [PDF]

Archaeological Sensitivity Zones [PDF]

Demolition Permit Applications [PDF]

Bike Routes [PDF}

Bus Routes [PDF]

Modern Street Car Route [PDF]

Zoning Classifications [PDF]

Residential Zoning [PDF]

Residential and Mixed Use Zoning [PDF]

Rural and Urban Residential Zoning [PDF]

Commercial Zoning [PDF]

Office Zoning [PDF]

Industrial Zoning [PDF]

Mixed Use Zoning [PDF]

Open Space Zoning [PDF]

Overlay Zones [PDF]

Planned Area Developments (PADS) [PDF]

Redevelopment Plans [PDF]

Distinctive Places [PDF]

Public Facilities [PDF]

Reclaimed Water Service Area [PDF]

Base Map for Urban Design Mapping Exercise [PDF]

Sand and Gravel Sites [PDF]