Policy Working Groups

The Plan Tucson public outreach included a series of 39 Policy Working Groups in which agencies, neighborhood associations, organizations and interested individuals worked with staff on the development of goals and policies for Plan Tucson. These groups focused on elements within the three Plan Tucson focus areas, which are:

  1. Socioeconomic Prosperity
  2. Environmental Integrity
  3. Smart Growth

Policy Working Group Schedule of Meetings


Policy Preparation Guidelines

Take a look at a definition and checklist of good policy characteristics for use in the formulation of policies for Plan Tucson:

Policy Preparation Guidelines - Draft [PDF]


Focus Areas

The framework for Plan Tucson consists of three interrelated focus areas: Environmental Integrity, Socioeconomic Prosperity and Smart Growth. To learn more, go to: The Three Focus Areas of Plan Tucson [PDF]


Guiding Principles

As a follow up to the Agency and Organization Stakeholder Orientation Meeting held in May 20,2011, the Plan Tucson Team held a second meeting to begin the process of developing a set of guiding principles for Plan Tucson:

               Meeting Summary [PDF]

               Powerpoint Presentation [PDF]

               Results of Exercise Worksheets [PDF, 38 pages]