How old do I need to be?

21 by graduation so the application process can begin when someone is almost 20 years old.


Do I need a college degree?

No, just a high school diploma or GED. Having an education does help for promotions and the continuing education program.


When is the next hiring process?

Date to be determined.  Keep tabs on the website at


What does the physical test consist of?

It is a 1.5 mile run, push ups in a minute, sit ups in a minute, a vertical leap test and a 300 meter sprint.  The score is an AVERAGE of the 5 events and you need a 40% minimum to pass.

NOTE: As of January, 2009, There is now a mandatory physical assessment for the position of Police Officer Recruit. The physical fitness assessment is now a pass/fail portion of the process. This assessment is based upon Cooper's Institute Standards which are accessible though a link on the Recruiting home page. The minimum passing percentile for TPD is 40 percent overall depending on your age and gender. This overall percentage is determined by averaging percentile scores for the 1.5 mile run, 300 meter run, sit-ups, push ups and vertical jump. **Please be advised that you must meet the 40 percent at testing and again at the beginning of the academy. You will be required to meet 60 percent in order to graduate the basic academy**


Can I study for the written exam?

It is a general knowledge test that consists of grammar, reading comprehension, math, spelling an memorization.  The major bookstores sell public safety/first responder test study books that may help.


What are the benefits for veterans/military?

You get 5 preference points so after you are ranked on the list you move up 5 spots automatically.   Also, there are GI benefits when you finish the academy.  If you get activated you are guaranteed your job when you come back.


How long is the academy?

17 weeks with 4-10 hour days.  Sometimes that varies during a holiday week or during the weeks of firearms/driving. 


Can I live at the academy?

NO, the academy dorms are reserved for outside agencies since we are a regional academy.  We expect that you will move to Tucson or close enough to drive to the academy every day.


Do you accept out of state laterals?

We do not accept out of state certifications.  Out of state laterals would have to go through another academy.  But, it is a paid academy and you will have a job upon graduation. 


Do you accept in-state laterals?

Yes, all Arizona laterals can apply. They do not have to attend an academy but they do have to go to the POST BASIC academy (5 weeks) when they get hired.  These academies are run after the basic academies.


Lateral benefits?

Previous law enforcement time counts towards promotions and special assignments.  It is the same retirement system. 



We do not hire anyone with  felony comissions or convictions. 


What can I do on the meantime?

If you are waiting for the application process to begin or if you are in the military waiting to get out or just not old enough you need to get/stay in shape, keep your background clean, maybe take a college class or two.


How can I find out more about the job?

Go to  or

go on a ride-a-long ---you will need to go to a substation and fill out an application.


Do you have any other jobs?

Yes, we do recruit for all TPD positions. 

You can keep an eye on the city website for openings.  It is


How much will I get paid?

Starting pay is $21.88, which is $45,510 a year.


What happens after the academy?

You will attend a Post Basic academy for 5 weeks then 4 phases of field training.  Phase 1 is 2 weeks, phase 2 is 5 weeks, phase 3 is 5 weeks and phase 4 is 2 weeks.  They you are on your own.



You have to be a patrol officer for 3 years before you can put in for special assignments or Detectives test.  You have to be on for 5 years before test for Sgt.  The  probation period is 18 months.