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The site is updated nightly, and contains the most recent 6-months of crime and proactive-policing activity within the city.

The data on the website is provided for informational purposes only. As the data is continually being updated, it is only representative of the point in time it was downloaded. The type of call, incident description, or location may change as a result of further investigation. Therefore, this data is not to be relied upon for official purposes.

All addresses contained on the site have been rounded to the nearest hundred block. The address displayed reflects the location where the officer responded to the incident – not necessarily where the incident occurred.

The date and time displayed reflect when the incident was reported, not necessarily when it happened.

Lastly, there is a small margin of error when processing the data for mapping purposes; therefore, some incidents may either be omitted from, or inaccurately placed on the maps in the site.

Please contact the Tucson Police Department directly to verify information or obtain official statistics.

For assistance using the website, please refer to the Citizen User Guide pdf.

For assistance in looking up reported Sex Offenders, please refer to the Locate Sex Offenders page.

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