Arizona Daily Star “Street Smarts” Articles Related to Downtown Tucson Streets

Street Smarts: Two Ott avenues named for 1870s sheriff

22 April 2013


Street Smarts: Three downtown Tucsonan streets named for men killed by Apaches

9 April 2013


Street Smarts: NY salesman’s jesting may have inspired Tucson ’s Broadway 

12 February 2013 tucson/article_4987769f-1aa5-5c12-b21f-3eb22aaf1ad9.html


Pennington named for early family in territory

13 November 2012



Hospital, school, shrine, due to Oteros

4 December 2012



Street Smarts: Ochoa led freight business, large store

18 December 2012



Samaniego was a prominent Tucson civic leader

16 October 2012 ff59-5c45-a396-3a460200d64f.html


Calle Carlos Arruza named for famed Mexican matador

14 August 2012 matador/article_33439d70-fb8a-5a21-9919-37a5df62f673.html


Stone Ave. recalls man killed in Apache attack

17 July 2012



Congress St. name honors Tucson saloon

10 July 2012