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040814-Houghton-Road-art-factsheet pdf10 Apr 14299kb
140882 IFB Am01 TucsonBlvd ItemList xls6 Mar 14348kb
140967 IFB Am02 Sealcoat Pckg1 Item List xls11 Mar 1442kb
140968 IFB Am01 Reconstuct Pckg1 Item List xls12 Mar 1447kb
140969 IFB Am01 Reconstruct Pckg2 Item List xls8 Apr 1416kb
6th-Drachman Plan U-2011-010 pdf16 May 1342Mb
HCD Violations 18 Apr 142Mb
TPD Incidents 45Day 19 Apr 142Mb
U-2011-005 LaCholla-Merlin HAWK pdf21 May 1316Mb