Mayor and Council Strategic Work Plan

The City of Tucson Strategic Work Plan is a workforce planning document that details the specific work that needs to be done over the next two years so the City uses our limited resources for priority projects. The plan is subject to constant revision and reprioritization of projects so that the City can be flexible in the deployment of resources. All Work Plan Projects are approved by the Mayor & Council.

The priority level defnitions are as follows:

  • Short Term (6 - 12 months)
  • Long Term (1 year +)
  • Urgent (Action needed now)
  • Not Urgent (Delay will not cause harm to City or Department or Clients)

The format is based on the Balanced Score Card approach of using Focus Areas and Objectives, customized to represent and fit City of Tucson needs. The focus areas for FY 2010 – 2011 are:

  • Community Safety
  • Strong Neighborhoods & Parks
  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Economic & Financial Recovery
  • Effective Government
  • Good Planning
  • Transportation & Infrastructure

The City has also developed five Perspectives of Objectives:

1. Serve Neighborhoods and Engage Citizens

  • Create snd Support Partnerships for an Involved Community
  • Ensure a Safe Community
  • Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management
  • Strengthen Regional Transportation System
  • Reliable Infrastructure and Service Delivery
  • Infrastructure Needs Assessment
  • Invest in Citizens/People
  • Enhance Quality of Life

2. Run the Business/ Enhance Service Delivery

  • Have an Organization that is Accountable to the Community
  • Secure Legislation to Effectively Serve its Residents
  • Continually Improve Processes to Align with Customer Need
  • World Class Customer Service
  • Use of Technology to Streamline Processes
3. Protect Environmental Integrity/ Meet Long Term Human Need
  • Identify Critical Human Services
  • Promote Affordable Housing
  • Connectivity Between Built and Natural / Recreational Environments
  • Sustainable Water Future
  • Regional Land-Use Planning
  • Climate Change Planning
  • Environmentally Sustainable Building Practices
  • Education of Sustainable Lifestyles
  • Livable Communities

4. Improve our Bottom Line / Economy

  • Operating Efficiency/Control Cost of Services
  • Secure External Funding Sources
  • Maintain Bond Ratings
  • Support Revenue Generating Industries
  • Promote a Strong Economy
  • Improve City’s Business Climate
  • City Energy Efficiency
  • Environmental Services Financial Sustainability
  • Cost Recovery Mechanisms

5. Enable Employees / Promote Leadership
  • Create a Work Environment that Allows Employees to be Responsive to Community Expectations
  • Create Supportive Environment for Employees
  • Value Employees
  • Focus on Innovation
  • Promote Employee Health & Wellness

All of the selected projects in this report are intended to support the focus areas and meet the objectives of the City.

Mayor and Council Strategic Work Plan
Strategic Work Plan Cover

Download the entire Strategic Work Plan document (PDF, 5MB)

Download in sections:

Intro (PDF, .5MB)
Community Safety (PDF, .4MB)
Strong Neighborhoods (PDF, .5)
Economic & Financial Recovery (PDF, .5MB)
Effective Government (PDF, .5MB)
Good Planning (PDF, .5MB)
Transportation & Infrastructure (PDF, 1MB)
Downtown Revitalization (PDF, 1MB)