Thank you for Volunteering!

Man lecturing groupAs a volunteer, you are also an ambassador in public service. Together, we build a shared awareness of community needs and government challenges in addressing those needs. You will promote collaboration and strengthen trust while accomplishing real work. By lending your time and expertise, you will help reinvigorate and extend a feeling of community in Tucson, one that is connected and cooperative.

So, what is the work of the City for which you will give your time?

It has been said that the city is the cornerstone of civilized society. As the cornerstone of society in Southern Arizona, the City provides essential services to the greater Tucson population of 1,000,000. We provide over 4,400 lane miles of paved roads, and 241 Sun Tran buses make over 21 million passenger trips a year, within city limits and surrounding communities. The city maintains public areas for enjoyment, with 127 parks, pools and recreation facilities. The convention center is a major community entertainment venue, featuring a symphony orchestra, opera, the Gem and Mineral show, International Mariachi Conference, college hockey and more. The Police and Fire departments protect the safety and well-being of over 500,000 citizens, responding to approximately 400,000 calls each year. The Environmental Services department keeps the community clean, collecting 360 million pounds of trash and 90 million pounds of recyclables from over 140,000 residences and businesses. The City also provides water to approximately 775,000 people in a 350 square mile radius, operating roughly 4,300 miles of pipeline. 

Modern society requires these basic yet necessary needs, and the city is here to provide them. As a volunteer, you will help sustain and improve our ability to provide these essential services, and in doing so, you’ll be working to ensure a quality way of life for yourself and your fellow citizens.

What can you expect as a volunteer?

You’ll attend an orientation with the department where you will work. There, you will learn about the duties and expectations of your job. Equally as important as your duties is your safety, and you will receive training in on-the-job safety. You will also attend a New Volunteer Orientation with the Human Resources department, which will cover many of the same elements as the City’s New Employee Welcome orientation, specifically customer service, city services and volunteer policies.

What happens next?

Your supervisor will discuss with you the goals, objectives and tasks of your project. This is an opportunity to clarify the expectations for your assignment. Volunteering is a win-win-win situation. Firstly, it is a win for you. There is a personal payback in volunteering. For some it is a sense of participation and investment in the greater good of the community. For others it is a way to give back what they have received, or experience the joy and satisfaction in giving of one’s self. For others still, it is an opportunity to explore new career options, or gain valuable work experience. 
Secondly, it is a win for government. Volunteers allow the city to enhance its ability to provide services while simultaneously connecting with the community. They also provide fresh ideas and inspiration, and evoke a shared sense of purpose and community among us all. Finally, it’s a win for the community. In working collaboratively, citizen volunteers and government staff revitalize our relationship as one community, united by our civic pride and desire to better our city for ourselves and the generations to come.

We wish to thank you for giving your support to the City, its citizens, and its future. Your altruistic efforts will have a positive and lasting impact on the place we call home. Donating your time and knowledge is truly a selfless effort, and we applaud your contribution towards tackling the challenges within our community. Be proud of what you do, and best of luck!