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Want information about water? Come to the Water Town Hall on April 24th, 2014!

Need to get rid of confidential documents? Come to our Shred-It Event on April 26th, 2014!

Want to clean up graffiti? Come to the Amphi Action Day on May 10th, 2014!

Want to hear about what is going on? Come to the State of the Ward on 21st, 2014!


Council Member Uhlich's Memo on Public Process

Council Member Uhlich's Memo on SB1070 enforcement and U-Visa Affidavits


  • The City of Tucson SMALL BUSINESS ASSISTANCE LINE -- 837-4100 -- is Live!  This is a great development for Tucson's small and medium sized businesses that Council Member Uhlich fought hard to make happen.


Press release

Find locally owned businesses across Tucson and do your business with them! Check out the LOCAL FIRST ARIZONA Business Directory.

Want "Hyper-Local"? Check out the Fort Lowell/Campbell Ave Business Directory



  • Ever wonder how Transportation Planning works in Tucson and Pima County? Check out the presentation below, put together by our dedicated professionals at TDOT, working in collaboration with the great team at PAG, and organized by Council Member Uhlich's staff.


Thanks to all who took part Aug 28th, and to the TDOT and PAG staff who put this highly informative presentation together, Daryl, Carlos, Andy, Jenn, Sheila, Jeremy and Jim, along with citizen activist Margot Garcia.  View the short video recap hereIf you'd like to do a "Transportation 101" workshop for your group, contact us!





April 26th, 2014 Shred It Event

April 24th, 2014 Water Town Hall

New Ward 3 Map, effective 2013 (PDF)

Pay Your Water Bill Securely Online

Latest Info from Housing and Community Development (including Federal updates re housing vouchers)

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