This page is designed to provide information about and for the Neighborhood Associations in Ward 4.  Please click on the links provided to access the information.

Ward 4 Registered Neighborhood Associations (pdf) map.


Neighborhood Association Web Pages:

Civano Neighborhood Association

Dietz Neighborhood Association

Groves Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association

Mesquite Ranch Neighborhood Association

Rita Ranch Neighborhood Association

Terra Del Sol Neighborhood Association

 Tools for Neighborhoods:

Graffiti Removal Request Form;  Use this form to report graffiti in your area!  Just click the blue link!

COT Graffiti PageThis is the City's main page for information on what to do about Graffiti

Pro NeighborhoodsPRO Neighborhoods provides technical assistance and small grants to neighborhood groups throughout Pima County.

Request Roll-Off for Neighborhood Clean-ups: Link to information and forms needed to request a roll-off for neighborhood clean-ups.