Desert Wash Safety Activity Book for Kids Now Available

The Tucson Department of Transportation Stormwater Section recently produced the Desert Wash Safety Activity Book for children. Enclosed is a "hot off the press" copy for you.

In the year 2000, Council Member Shirley Scott requested that the City take steps to alert children to the potential dangers in and around desert washes, especially during the monsoon season. The Transportation Department produced this activity book in response Desert Wash Safety activity book

to that request.

Following its debut at the Earth Day 2001 Festival, samples of the Desert Wash Safety Activity Book were mailed to over 100 elementary schools throughout Tucson. The response was overwhelming. Within a month, nearly 10,000 books were distributed throughout the community to area schools, summer children's programs, Ward Offices, children's care centers and interested public. The community's response has been very positive and the message of desert wash safety is getting wide exposure.

In the free Desert Wash Safety Activity Book, Zack Rabbit and Lenny Lizard learn the following:

    Washes are dangerous when it rains

    Do not enter flowing washes

    Washes are home to desert creatures that shouldn't be disturbed

    Don't dump trash in the wash

    Don't dig forts in the banks of the wash

    Don't dump pollutants in the stormdrains

    Water harvesting is a wonderful way to use stormwater

Free copies of the Desert Wash Safety Activity Book can be obtained by contacting the Transportation Department at 791-4372. Alternatively, the book can be downloaded at