A press conference was held today to begin the first road project in the five year effort of road work and repair through the voter approved Proposition 409 bonds.

The first project will take place in Ward 5 from Tucson Boulevard - from Tucson International Airport to Valencia.

More than 100 square miles or arterial roads and more than 100 square miles of neighborhood streets are to be worked on and repaired over the next five fiscal years, $20 million each year.

Ward 5 Councilmember, Richard Fimbres, said “This first project, located in my Ward, will benefit not only the residents and businesses in Ward 5 but the entire community through the road work, traffic support and to help promote our City in terms of tourism and for business as well, for those traveling from the Tucson Airport.

“This project follows up on the ongoing effort being made by AAA Landscaping, the Chamber of Commerce and Tucson Clean and Beautiful with its “First Step” effort, as well as Tucson Clean and Beautiful’s recent work at Irvington and Tucson Boulevard in my Ward and at Grant and I-10.

“The funds for these projects comes from the general obligation bonds from Proposition 409 that was approved by voters in November of last year.  In addition, Proposition 409 created a citizens advisory committee to oversee this work to ensure the funds are spent on road repair solely.

“Today will mark the continuation of work to repair Tucson’s roads and streets.  Two years ago, thanks to Mayor and Council pooling their surplus funds, HURF proceeds from a land sale in my Ward resulting in the effort to repair potholes.  This past year, $20 million dollars was spent on road work and repair, thanks to Mayor and Council action and direction.  Now for the next five years, an additional $20 million annually will be spent on road work and repair through Proposition 409.”

In addition to the continuing pothole repair, during this past year, (FY 2013) - the following arterial and neighborhood streets were repaired in the Ward 5 area as part of the 2013 Pavement Preservation Program, including:

    36th St from Cherry Av to Richey Bl
         Park Av SPI Irvington Rd to NPI Valencia Rd
         Country Club Rd from 36th St to South of 44th St
         6th Av from SPI Ajo Wy to 210’ South of CL Illinois St
         6th Av from SPI Congress St to 250’ North of CL 18th St
         Craycroft Rd from 266’ North of CL 29th St to 145’ South of CL Golf Links Rd
         Irvington Rd from WPI Park Av to 250’ East of CL Park Av
         Valencia Rd from EPI Mission Rd to WPI 12th Av
         Alvernon Wy from SPI 22nd St to (North bound) 1,236’ South of CL
    29th St/(South bound) 1,454’ South CL 29th St
         Martin Av to Country Club Rd, Fairland Sv to 36th St
    12th Avenue, Santa Paula Street to Los Reales Road
    Sixth Avenue, Ajo Way to Illinois Street, Tucson Boulevard,
    Drexel Road: 250 W. Campbell to 250 W. Tucson Blvd,
    29th St, 676 W. Harrison Road to 130 East Harrison Road.
    Los Reales Road: 164 West 12th to 130 East 12th Ave.,
    Tucson Boulevard: SPI Irvington Road to NPI Valencia Road.

For more information about the street bond effort and projects, go online to: