Passengers encouraged to share feedback

TUCSON, Ariz.- The implementation of the SunGO system continues to have the full commitment of Sun Tran’s management and project teams, who are working closely with the vendor, SPX Genfare, to fix the remaining issues with the regional system. 

“Our customers are our number one priority,” said Kate Riley, General Manager of Sun Tran.  “A pass, value or transfer loaded on these products is not always being recognized at the farebox.  In these cases, we are not collecting an additional fare from passengers to ensure everyone gets where they need to go during this transition.”

Customers boarding without a SunGO product should be prepared to pay the full one-way cash fare. 

For many riders, SunGO has been a success.  Purchasing fares online with a credit card and balance protection for lost or stolen cards are popular benefits recognized by transit customers.

Some passengers are still experiencing problems such as fareboxes failing to recognize value or passes on SunGO products and intermittent ticket vending machine jams.  The areas of concern are being addressed systematically; first by isolating problems, working through solutions and testing them before they are integrated into the system.

Riley added, “Once the SunGO problems are fixed, the benefits to the community will outweigh the challenges faced during the transition.”

The need to replace 15-year-old fareboxes led to development of a fare collection system - more advanced than most smart card systems across the country.

Prior to the launch, Sun Tran implemented extensive testing on fareboxes, cards, tickets, vending machines, and online purchasing and sales outlet equipment.  Though the testing process was completed successfully, issues surfaced as more passengers began to use the new technology. 

To ensure all problems with the system are addressed, Sun Tran is encouraging passengers to submit a description of the problem they experienced with the system, contact information and SunGO Card number at (520) 792-9222 or  

To learn more about the SunGO system, visit or call Sun Tran’s Customer Service Center at (520) 792-9222 (for individuals with TDD equipment, call 520-628-1565).