Summer 2004 Activity Book

Super Water Saving with Aqua Duck and Water Lily

2004 Activity BookJoin us as super hero Aqua Duck (the 'secret' identity of Tucson Water’s long-time duck mascot Pete the Beak) and his super hero sidekick Water Lily take their younger friends on a coloring and activity adventure as they learn more about Tucson’s water resources. Each page of this book is available for immediate download as an Adobe® Reader® PDF file - simply click on an image below and print it on your own printer.


Back Cover

(btp04-11.pdf -- 273 Kb)
Back Cover

Front Cover

(bp04-00.pdf -- 423 Kb)
Front Cover


Page 1 - A call for help

(bp04-01.pdf -- 77 Kb)
Commissioner Modeer
Calls for Help!

a page to color

Page 2 - Look! Up in the sky...

(bp04-02.pdf -- 114 Kb)
Look! Up in the sky...
a page to color


Page 3 - Searching for the Dribbler

(bp04-03.pdf -- 111 Kb)
Searching for the Dribbler
a page to color

Page 4 - The Dribbler's Hangouts (Reading, Rhymes and Word Search)

(bp04-04.pdf -- 48 Kb)
The Dribbler's Hangouts
Reading, Rhymes and Word Search


Page 5 - Spot the Dribbler! (part 1)

(bp04-05.pdf -- 97 Kb)
Spot the Dribbler! (part 1)
Can you find the water wasters?
(along with Secret Code Key)

Page 6 - Spot the Dribbler! (part 2)

(bp04-06.pdf -- 53 Kb)
Spot the Dribbler! (part 2)
Clues to help you
find the water wasters


Page 7 - Dealing with the Dribbler

(bp04-07.pdf -- 124 Kb)
Dealing with the Dribbler...
connect the dots,
and fill in the blanks

Page 8 - Ways to deal with the Dribbler

(bp04-08.pdf -- 109 Kb)
Ways to deal with the Dribbler
clues to help you solve
the 'fill-in-the-blanks'


Page 9 - Answers

(bp04-09.pdf -- 269 Kb)
(solutions to the puzzles)

Page 10 - Water-Saving Super Hero Stickers

(bp04-10.pdf -- 78 Kb)
Water-Saving Super Hero Stickers
make your own stickers