To qualify:

  • The property must be single-family residential.
  • Purchase and install a qualifying rainwater harvesting system after September 27, 2011. (Note: Changes were made to this rebate program effective June 1, 2013.)
  • All tanks/cisterns must be closed and have a light-proof system with insect- and critter-proof entry points , as well as a secure lid for safety.
  • Rain barrels must have a minimum screen and child/pet safety lid.
  • Used or reconditioned tanks do not qualify for rebates.
  • The installation residence must receive water from Tucson Water.
  • Applicant must attend an approved Rainwater Harvesting Incentives Program Workshop.
  • The rainwater harvesting system must be permanent.

(See also Rainwater Harvesting Incentives Rebate Program Most Requested Information.)

To claim your rebate you will need to:

  • Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Complete the rainwater harvesting rebate application form.

Rebate application and policy  -  Systems purchased/installed before 6/1/13
Rebate application and policy  -  Systems purchased/installed after 6/1/13
Rebate application and policy  -  Spanish

  • Include a rainwater harvesting project plan with the rebate application to demonstrate the selection, use, and anticipated outcomes of the practices. The plan requirements will be addressed in the workshop training.
  • Attach the itemized original receipt(s) for the qualifying materials. (Note: Tucson Water does not accept scanned documents or photocopies.)
  • Receipts submitted for materials and labor must be from licensed businesses/contractors and show:
    1) Itemized work and/or materials
    2) Date work performed or materials purchased
    3) Applicable sales tax and total
    (Note: Handwritten notes do not substitute for a receipt. Click here for examples of receipts that do not meet criteria.)

Send your completed application form and itemized original receipt(s) to:

City of Tucson Water Department
Public Information/Conservation Office – Rain
PO Box 27210
Tucson, AZ 85726-7210

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